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Category: Term Life Insurance

Right Term Insurance Plan - Vector image having check boxes

The Right Term in a Term Insurance Plan.

Yesterday I overheard a conversation between two friends, here’s a transcript of how it went – Amit : Hey Suman, I turn 30 next month, what do you think should I gift myself? Suman : Haha, finally you go to the wrong side of youth, very soon you will be the disadvantageous demographic dividend 😄 […]

vector image of drunk and drive accidental death

Why Insurance claims of accidental deaths caused by drunk and drive are denied?

I was having an interesting chat with one of the corporate hr leaders yesterday. His question was: “Why in Accidental Deaths, if the person died is found drunken driving, he is denied the insurance claim ” He continued “the proceeds of the claim are meant for his family members. Why punish family members for the mistake […]