Insurance - Write place to build your career

Insurance Industry is presently seeing many reforms. Recent amendment to Insurance Act and opening of FDI to 49% is making this sector very lucrative. Whole world is looking at India to eat the cake of Insurance. The current market penetration in Insurance is only 3% which is half of other developing countries. That means it is reasonable to assume that for next decade we are going to see huge growth in this sector. This sectors has place for all professionals. The underwriting, sales, Claims settlement, Actuaries and Legal departments needs people of all sort of skills. A doctor can find a place in Health Insurance and a Lawyer will find a place in Legal Insurance. The sales function is more like a Consulting job since what you will be selling is a promise not a product. People will trust you and then buy the product.

You will learn many great skills of consulting and sales if you are working in a Insurance Broking Company whose primary job is to consult their clients on the business risks and help them to mitigate or transfer those risk.

We are emerging Insurance Brokers for Small and Medium Businesses. We need talented Individuals for various roles in the company. The individuals should be good learners and should have good logical reasoning. They can look forward to great career in the BFSI industry if gets selected. Training will be provided by the company. If interested, send a Message in 100 words to let us know why you are suitable for this profile. If we find suitable, we will call you for a one to one meeting.

Kindly refer if you know anybody in your contact sphere who might be suitable for this requirement.

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