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Enrollment tool

Our one-of-the-kind Employee Benefits management tool helps you to manage all the insurance benefits from your desktop. Employees can see their coverages and enroll for the optional employee funded policies. It can be easily integrated with your HR intranet or payroll software. Some of the features of the tool are:

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Check Premium Balance
  • Account Statement
  • Claims Status
  • Manage Employee Funded Policies
  • Roll-out Benefit Surveys

Competitive Premium

Insurance is a competitive industry in which several factors need to be taken into account. Ethika’s adherence to a strong control system enables us to deliver accurate and exceptional service. We have put together a dedicated team of experts with extensive insurance experience and in-depth knowledge of current market conditions. They are also well-versed with each insurer’s strengths in coverage and service. This enables us to select the strongest insurance underwriter in terms of coverage and commitment delivery for our clients’ needs.

At the same time, we also engage in aggressive negotiations on behalf of our clients to get comprehensive coverage and to fetch the most competitive premium for them. We also extend ourselves beyond the coverage negotiations, to scrutinize the issued policy, checking the adherence of proposal sent to insurance underwriter. We ensure that no fine print inclusions have been made which jeopardise our clients’ interests. To this end, we follow a comprehensive check list to scrutinize the policy, ensuring all clauses have been included and all details are appropriately filled.

As a Licensed Insurance Broker from Insurance Regulatory and development Authority of India, we are authorised to negotiate on your behalf with all the Insurance companies. Once we freeze your requirement, we reach out to those insurers who show interest in picking up your risk. We then present to you a cost-benefit analysis which will help you to take the right decision. The Premium quoted by us comes with the assurance that they are the lowest in the industry.


Red Carpet Service

Offering employees a comprehensive benefits program is not enough. To bring tangible gains, it is necessary that a business not only undertakes such a program, but also ensures that its employees understand and appreciate that money is being invested on their behalf. Organization should ensure that such benefits are not delayed or tedious to handle. At Ethika, we take on this responsibility via our Employee Benefit Administration Process.

Outsourcing the management of your Benefits program has several advantages. Crucial personnel need not be burdened with additional, unfamiliar responsibilities and your employees are assured of timely, professional assistance and compassion. Our Employee Benefit Administration Process covers all of the following:

  • Cashless Claims
  • MIS Reports
  • Reimbursement Claims
  • Employee Communications
  • 365 days x 24/7 Online Assistance
  • Onsite Helpdesk

Ethika believes in ‘serve to care and serve with compassion’. We are sensitive to claimant’s losses and his expectations from an insurer. Our exposure to diverse cases of claims redressal has shown us that each claim is unique in terms of conditions and requirements.

We, therefore, provide our clients with personalized claim assistance and claim management services to manage all service requirements and claims. In addition to advising you on the best process to a claim that gives you a prompt and fair settlement, we also provide assistance at every step of the way from initiation to the settlement of the claim.

Complimentary Consultation

Putting together a generous Benefits Program that will profoundly impact the life and loyalty of your employees requires legal and financial counsel. There is no one solution, and as any HR manager will testify, the demands of each work place are different.


Control the claims without reducing the perceived benefit provided by policy to employees. Right use of Co-payment, Deductibles, Preferred provider Network, Room Rent cap, Disease wise cap, can help in decreasing premium.


Ethika’s insurance broking service is aimed at designing a comprehensive policy which covers all possible risks. The first step is obviously Gap Analysis, finding out the gap between what is actually covered and what you think is covered. More importantly, what should be covered?


Peer group comparison and best practices in the industry.


Projecting next year’s claims based on the members demography, current year claims and medical inflation.


Amalgamation of policies and employee communication.


Employee’s Parents health insurance with group benefits, Super Top-up Insurance to increase the coverage.