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Total Health Management Solution

Our end-to-end corporate health management tool

Ethika brings you a complete, end-to-end total health management solution tailored to your employees’ needs – TotalHealth. From Health Assessment, Biometric Screening, One-on-one Doctor, Consultations, Health check-up packages, Health Screening Reports, Health Stats and Risk Evaluation, Ask an Expert, Doctor on call, Second opinions, Chat with Dietitian, Preventive Health Management Tools, Health Tracking, and Management, to Online Health Library and more – With one click, do it all – manage Health of your complete team with this highly comprehensive, convenient and seamless online health tool that comes with dedicated employer and employee health management portals.

Empowering businesses to help their employees live healthier, happier lives!

Our end-to-end Process

We take a 360-degree approach to manage your health from start to finish, supporting you at every step of your health management journey. We have integrated all health facilities, resources, and tools into this one tool to give you a complete online health solution, available anytime, anywhere.

totalhealth process