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Here are some fine print details of Health
Insurance to be aware of

Read the claim settlement process in the policy document carefully so that you should not miss anything from your side on which grounds the insurer may find reasons to disregard the claim or deduct any payable amounts. Our team has compiled a list of some of the common reasons for which you might face difficulties in claiming under your health insurance policy

It is a standard policy of all insurers to intimate them about the claim, within 24 hours of hospitalization even during emergency. In case of planned treatment, the insured has to inform the insurer at least 4 days before treatment.

Several insurance companies began rejecting claims when they had been submitted late, and most of them began deducting 10% from the claims amount.

Irdai has strongly criticized the insurers in this case. A circular recently issued by the regulator advised all insurers to refrain from rejecting claims due to late submissions, unless the claim was intentionally delayed to attempt to misrepresent the facts.