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Personal Health Insurance policy.

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Buying insurance from a broker
is like having Double Assurance.

Insurance brokers, unlike agents, are legally obligated to protect your interests

Want to Insure your parents?

For less than ₹ 10500, cover them for ₹ 3 lacs.
For just ₹ 7500, add ₹ 7 lacs more.

No Co-payment.| No disease wise limit. | No room rent limit. | No increase in premiums in the future due to an increase in age or claims | Life Long Renewal Assurance irrespective of claims | Pre / Post Hospitalisation – 60/90 days respectively | Unlimited consultations with doctors, nutritionists on phone. | Unlimited counselling sessions with psychologists.| Waiting Periods applicable.
The indicative premium is for a couple less than 65 years of age.

Imagine how you will manage your
expenses if a hospitalization
treatment costs 50 lacs? .

In just ₹ 3356, you can cover yourself for 50 lacs, with a deductible of 5 lacs.