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How do your employees perceive your group insurance program?

Employee benefits Insurance surveys are questionnaires sent to employees typically one month before Insurance policies are due for renewal. They ask questions about the quality of specific benefits, how they compare to other companies, and any additional benefits employees would like to see in the future.

Here is a sample questionnaire. Feel free to choose the questions which you may like to include in your Employee Benefit Survey during Renewal.

  • Are you aware of all the Group Insurance Benefits in Detail
  • How happy are you with the benefits provided on a scale of 1-5. 5 Being most happy and 1 being least happy.
  • Do you want more coverage for your parents?
  • If yes, are you ready to contribute the premium for your parents?
  • How much premium you are willing to contribute per month.
  • Given the increasing healthcare costs, we may need to incorporate some of the changes mentioned below. Please select your preferred choice. Sharing of Parental Premium
    Sharing a part (say around 20%) of the parental claim
    No Parental Coverage
  • Due to the rising insurance cost, if we provide you with an alternate self-pay parental policy with all the necessary coverages including pre-existing diseases, would you be interested?
    • Yes
    • No

    If No, please specify the reasons:

  • Who would you like to include in your Parental policy
    • Parents
    • Parents in law
    • Both
  • Are your parents already covered under any medical insurance policy, under some retail policy? If yes, what is the Sum Insured and the premium you paid for the same?
  • Does your parents have any health conditions? If yes, please specify
  • Did you go for any health check up in the last six months ?
  • How happy are you with the current claim settlement process?
  • Are you satisfied with the claims team availability/assistance?
  • Would you like to opt for Topup (Higher Sum Insured) cover at your own cost?
  • Do you wish to have a higher Personal Accident Sum Insured beyond the company offering ?