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If you wish to have an insurance cover at the lowest price and with the widest cover, you should always look for an opportunity to get covered in a Group Insurance Policy.
Unfortunately, people who are self-employed and/or retired does not have an opportunity to get covered under a group health insurance from their employer.
But the good news is – most of the banks are providing a group health insurance for their account holders including their dependents.
Not only banks but educational institutions like ICAI, etc. are also providing group health insurance coverage for their students and also for those who are already completed their degree from the institute.
There are 2 basic requirements for a group insurance policy to be issued.
1) The minimum number of members in the group should be 7.
2) It should be a registered association of people.
Nowadays we have gated residential societies, if yours is a registered society, you can try for a group health insurance coverage for the residents/association members.
Remember, the larger is the group, the broader is the cover and lower is the premium.
Please reach us to know more about the Group Insurance Policy and how you can avail it.

The Importance of Personal Health Insurance A Guide for Young Persons

The Importance of Personal Health Insurance: A Guide for Young Persons

Personal Health Insurance Covid -19 has accentuated the need to have health insurance. Health insurance not only gives financial stability to the policyholder by safeguarding their hard-earned money, but also protects the policyholder’s monies, which she would have otherwise had to bear due to hospitalization. Personal health insurance also known as retail health insurance can […]

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Things Must Ask from Insurance Broker about group health insurance plan

Things You Must Ask from Your Insurance Broker before taking a Group Health Insurance Plan

A group health insurance policy covers a group of people under a single policy removing the need to take individual policies, in simple words group health insurance policy is a master policy which has the details of all the insured members. It is beneficial for customers to take group health insurance from an insurance broker […]

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Is Group Health Insurance Becoming More Affordable and Accessible?

Group health insurance is slowly becoming a necessity for most companies, regardless of size. The rising cost of healthcare makes it even more important. Every company needs to look after its employees, and purchasing group health insurance is more cost-effective than asking employees to avail of their own individual health plans. The good news is […]

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Group Health Insurance for Manufacturing Company

Things to Consider While Buying Group Health Insurance for the Manufacturing Company

Purchasing group health insurance for your employees can be a complicated process. Every company is unique and its requirements and needs are different. The health insurance needs of a white-collar advertising company will be different from a primarily blue-collar manufacturing company. If you run a manufacturing company, then there are certain key aspects that you […]

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How are Group Health Insurance Premiums Calculated in India?

The higher the risk associated with an insurance policy, the higher the premium that the insurance company will charge. For example, the premium of health insurance for a twenty-year-old will be much less than the health insurance premium for a sixty-year-old. This is because the chances of a twenty-year-old contracting a serious illness are much […]

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Group Health Insurance

5 Reasons to Offer Group Health Insurance to Your Employees

Group health insurance refers to health insurance that can be availed by a company for its employees. Group health insurance plans can have several advantages over personal health insurance plans. Further, providing group health insurance to employees can also benefit a company in a variety of ways. Nowadays, almost every company is getting on the […]

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Sum Insured vs. Sum Assured in Group Health Insurance

Before you choose a group health insurance for your company, it is important to research the difference between insurance policies. Insurance policy documents contain several technical terms that a policyholder needs to understand. Two commonly used terms are “sum insured” and “sum assured”. Understanding what the two are and the difference between sum insurance and […]

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Top Healthcare Benefits in Group Health Insurance

As the name suggests, a group health insurance policy is a policy that covers several people. A group health insurance policy can be availed by companies for their employees or by organizations for their members. Usually, companies offer health insurance to their employees as one of the perks and benefits of working with them. Group […]

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What is Corporate Buffer in Group Health Insurance?

A group health insurance policy can be availed by companies for their employees. It is one of the most common benefits offered by corporates to their staff. Availing of a group policy has several benefits and advantages which are not available in an individual or family policy. The corporate buffer is one such benefit. In […]

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Employees in Group Health Insurance

How to Add or Delete Employees in Group Health Insurance?

Group health insurance is usually provided by companies as a benefit of employment to employees. Depending on the company, the employees may pay a discounted rate for their insurance or get health insurance completely free of cost from their employer. After opting for group health insurance, companies and employers can have several questions about how […]

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Endorsement Scales in Group Health Insurance

What are the Types of Endorsement Scales in Group Health Insurance?

An insurance policy is not set in stone. There are several circumstances in which the terms and conditions of an insurance policy may need to be changed. Some of the reasons may include a change in the relationship between the proposer and the insured, a change in the details of the nominee, an addition or […]

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Group Health Insurance

Top Reasons Why Employees Don’t Use Group Health Insurance

As an employer, you may be considering offering a group health insurance to your employees as a benefit. Why is group health insurance important? There are several advantages of offering group health insurance such as better employee retention, higher goodwill in the market, improved productivity of employees, and so on. A group health insurance is […]

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Top 20 Reasons You Must Invest in Group Health Insurance for Small Businesses

If you’re a company, start-up, small business, or large organization of any kind, it is important to consider opting for group health insurance. A group health insurance, as the name suggests, is a health insurance policy that covers several people together. Hence, the entire staff or members of an organization can be covered within a […]

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Group Health Insurance Cancellation Letter

How to Write a Group Health Insurance Cancellation Letter?

Group health insurance cancellation letter is the letter written to the insurance company to cancel your group health insurance policy due to any of the reasons whatsoever. The group health insurance cancellation sample letter format is provided in this article for ready reference. The same format can be used to write the group health insurance […]

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Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance Exclusions – List of Things Not Covered for Employees

Group health insurance compensates the hospitalization and other related expenses of the insured members up to the limit mentioned under the policy terms and conditions in return for an amount known as premium. The premium under the group health insurance policy is mostly paid by the employer and employee gets to avail of the health […]

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Group Health Insurance Policy for Your Employees

When Should You Get a Group Health Insurance Policy for Your Employees?

Group health insurance is the best form of providing health insurance coverage to employees by any employer. The group health insurance policy would be taken by the employer of the organization to provide health insurance coverage to their employees in case of hospitalization due to the illness, disease or accidents. The maximum liability of the […]

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How Easy is it to Port your Group Health Insurance Policy?

Ravi Kumar, an IT professional in his late forties walked into the office of a general insurer. He was not happy with the way his current insurer had treated his health claim; they had kept dilly-dallying the processing for a couple of months, asking for additional documents every time he submitted the previous ones, and […]

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Do You Really Need Insurance Broker for Group Health Insurance ?

Finding a well-planned and comprehensive Employee Benefits Program for the employees can be a real challenge and that’s why insurance helps in designing a well-structured benefits program so that the right people continue to work for an organization. Furthermore, the whole customer experience in group health insurance or group mediclaim is driven by a triad […]

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