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New Year 2021 – Letter from our CEO

Happy New year_Message from CEO

Dear Ethika Family,

A year has gone by.

I have been in a reflective mood today, thinking about my response to some of the new year calls from my close friends.

Life was so exciting just a year before…

“Nothing seems to be as it was. We feel uneasy, we feel uncertain, we feel vulnerable.

When will this end? Is this just the beginning?

What will our future look like?

Questions that occupy us, questions that until a few weeks ago, we never thought we would ever ask.

If this uncertainty and challenges are true for our friends and family, it is true for even our clients as well.

That means if each of us add more creativity and boldness to our efforts, this situation can in fact become favourable to us and will give us a competitive edge.

Over the last four years, this is exactly we have done, and this is what helped us to tide over this pandemic year with very little impact or no impact.

And we need to continue getting out in front of events and shape them, rather than to wait and be buffeted by them.

Here are my thoughts for the coming year

1)     Our world is changing amazingly fast and the way business is being done is changing faster. If you want to continue to thrive & earn respect from your colleagues – Learn, Learn, Learn. Go to Udemy and learn at least one new course every week. Watch TEDx talks. Participate in intellectual discussions.

2)     Add Humour to your work.  How about cracking some good jokes every day with colleagues? Please ensure the fun part is not hurting other sentiments and avoid sarcasm.

3)     Be good listeners.  This is one quality which I personally need to improve a lot 🙂

4)     Take feedback from others and assume they are genuinely trying to help. Think their words over and be willing to challenge your assumptions. I promise, it will make you a good leader.

5)     Yes, you need to hit your short-term goals, but always try to do so in a way that is sustainable over the long haul, a way that generates a profit for the company while also making a difference to your personal happiness.

6)     Finally, think hard about time. We have so little of it on this earth. Make the most of your days and make space for the loved ones who matter most. Take it from me. I have been blessed with an amazing career, but if I am being honest, there have been moments I wish I’d spent more time with my son Samarth. So, I encourage you to be mindful of your choices on the road ahead.

Looking to the future, I believe the best days of ethika are yet to come!

I thank you all for allowing me to lead you.

Count on me for the coming year as well. Happy new year 2021.

With deepest affection,

Susheel Agarwal

Chief Employee happiness officer 🙂

Susheel Agarwal

Susheel Agarwal

Susheel is a certified Happiness Coach, which enables him to help organizations develop healthy and happy workplaces. Years of extensive in-depth research by interacting with various leaders of happy & not so happy organizations, attending several Happiness and Leadership programs along with his own authentic experiences, Susheel has been successful in establishing a happy workplace. He currently works as a Thought Leader and a Passionate Coach, educating corporate leaders to do the same.

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