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There are two ways that morning can start. The first way is like it’s a time for a War. Alarms are snoozed three times like the three sirens before beginning the battle for the day. After the third time a thunder bolt runs into everyone at home. Everyone is running, everyone is delegating work to everyone else, everyone is like in competition to finish the breakfast….in this whole rush if doorbell rings everyone tries to act as if no one heard it. School bus or office cab arrived or must be on the corner of the road…..where is lunch box, who moved the file I kept here, where is the mobile, uff charging is low give me the charger, don’t forget the water bottle on the table, where is shoe brush…..It looks like a countdown for rocket launch 10…9…8…

It not ends at home it’s just a beginning, while on the way to work instead of peacefully preparing for the day we will first start with strings of lies and excuses. Create a self-constructed stress of completing the task in urgency. We start carrying a gift of justification to give to everyone be it cab driver, colleague, boss or client. This also ensure your daily appointment with the crisis and contingency is fixed and confirmed.

The second way is wake up ten minutes early.

Urgency is that bad habit which completely takes control of our personality and cheats us. It makes us believe that situation is at fault not us. Urgency becomes an excuse for careless work and chaotic decisions. It is so dangerous that it forces us to take decisions which we would not have taken otherwise. It creates a need to do things from jumping round the house, playing blame game, clumsy walk , bumping into people…. And we tend to justify everything we are doing. So what’s the solution.

Wake up “10 minutes early” – this might seem foolish to begin with but it is the only antidote for the poison of urgency. “10 mins early” is that medicine for stress which comes with guarantee. “10 mins early means good morning greetings to family members, 10 mins early means family breakfast time, 10 mins early means less stress to the home maker, 10 mins early means no jumping queues or signals, 10 mins early means confirming appointments, 10 mins early means thoughtful decisions, 10 mins early means increased accuracy and promptness…..10 mins early means no more jumping queues, less appointments with crisis, less blame games….

10 minutes early means heart can slow down by 10*10 counts…. So that you can live 10 years longer.

Happy being early & Happy Living.

How Good Is Your Time ?

Sr. No. Statements to Answer Not At All Rarely Often
1. I find myself completing tasks at the last minute, or asking for extensions. -1 1 3
2. I set aside time for planning and scheduling. -1 1 3
3. I find myself dealing with interruptions. 3 1 3
4. I leave contingency time in my schedule to deal with “the unexpected”? 3 1 3
5. I leave contingency time in my schedule to deal with “the unexpected”? -1 1 3
6. I am stressed about deadlines and commitments. 3 1 3
7. I have to take work home in order to get it done. -1 1 3
8. Before I take on a task, I check that the results will be worth the time put in. -1 1 3

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