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Group eligibility and benefits under Group Health Insurance

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If you wish to have an insurance cover at the lowest price and with the widest cover, you should always look for an opportunity to get covered in a Group Insurance Policy.
Unfortunately, people who are self-employed and/or retired does not have an opportunity to get covered under a group health insurance from their employer.
But the good news is – most of the banks are providing a group health insurance for their account holders including their dependents.
Not only banks but educational institutions like ICAI, etc. are also providing group health insurance coverage for their students and also for those who are already completed their degree from the institute.
There are 2 basic requirements for a group insurance policy to be issued.
1) The minimum number of members in the group should be 7.
2) It should be a registered association of people.
Nowadays we have gated residential societies, if yours is a registered society, you can try for a group health insurance coverage for the residents/association members.
Remember, the larger is the group, the broader is the cover and lower is the premium.
Please reach us to know more about the Group Insurance Policy and how you can avail it.

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