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How to pick an Affordable Group Health Plan for your Start-up?

The importance of a health insurance plan is not unknown. As a start-up owner, one of the biggest questions you might be tackling is whether or not you should offer health insurance cover to your employees. A group health insurance plan, is a health insurance coverage offered to people working in the same organization. This […]

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Happy New year_Message from CEO

New Year 2021 – Letter from our CEO

Dear Ethika Family, A year has gone by. I have been in a reflective mood today, thinking about my response to some of the new year calls from my close friends. Life was so exciting just a year before… “Nothing seems to be as it was. We feel uneasy, we feel uncertain, we feel vulnerable. […]

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The Invisible Protests

Farmers’ Protest – Employees’ Protest: Any Similarities? Dilbagh Singh has been protesting for several days in Delhi along with thousands of his friends. His main focus is to get attention from the Media and Government so that the new farm laws are rephrased to suit the convenience of the farmers. He and his peers are […]

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