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Do you also believe that Insurance Broker and Insurance Agent are the same?
The answer is No. Insurance Broking is an organization licensed and controlled by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India.
Insurance Broking has a wider scope of approach when it comes to selecting the right policy for you. Because an Insurance Broker can extend their approach to all the insurance companies. They act as your representative to the insurance company.
Whereas Agents act as Insurance Company’s representative for which they hold the license. Hence their approach is limited to the single insurance company.
Since Insurance Broking is an entity and not an individual, they have greater responsibilities towards their clients and dedicated teams to take care of them.
The support from an Insurance Broker is not restricted to just helping you buy the right policy. They help you throughout the policy life cycle including their dedicated support in settlement of the claim.

vector image of parents insurance cases

Getting our Parents health insurance is always an issue.

Most of our parents never insured their health when they were young. Now Insurance companies don’t want to cover them, as their current health conditions are not favorable to insurers underwriting guidelines. Ayushman Scheme launched by the government does not cover the middle class. Very few corporates (15%) cover employee’s Parents under group health insurance. […]

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image of will - last will for nominee

Execute A Will For Your Nominee To Get The Proceeds Of Your Insurance Claim After Your Death

Like thousands of people, do you think that Nominee will get the proceeds of your Insurance Claim after your death? Then you are mistaken. The nominee is just a custodian of the claim amount. He can’t spend the amount. He will have to give the proceeds to the legal heir as per the succession law. […]

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vector image of best life insurance

Which is the best private LifeInsurance in India?

Unlike health insurance, life insurance has limited criteria to compare the plans of various insurance companies. Once you finalize which plan type, there are only 2 things to check – one is premium and the other is the Company’s sustainability and claim settlement ratio. For the plan, I would suggest you go for a Term […]

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save tax under section80D

How to use Section80D to save maximum tax?

We are allowed to claim a deduction of Rs.25K from our taxable salary for the Mediclaim Insurance premium. But so many of you will be covering yourself (including spouse and kids) within Rs.10K to 15K only. You can utilize the balance benefit by purchasing an Outpatient benefit Insurance policy. For example, let’s say your Mediclaim […]

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vector image of people holding insurance papers - material fact in an insurance contract

What is a material fact in an insurance contract?

“A material fact under the insurance contract is -any situation or information which can increase the frequency and/or severity of loss which is covered under that particular insurance contract.” For example: A Dog bite could be a material fact for a health insurance contract which has to declared by the proposer to the insurance company. […]

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vector image of drunk and drive accidental death

Why Insurance claims of accidental deaths caused by drunk and drive are denied?

I was having an interesting chat with one of the Corporate HR Leaders yesterday. His question was: “Why in Accidental Deaths, if the person died is found drunken driving, he is denied the insurance claim ” He continued “the proceeds of the claim are meant for his family members. Why punish family members for the […]

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vector image of buildings - Gratuity to employees

How can Gratuity given early to employees can benefit them?

Companies may be required to give a gratuity to employees after just one year of completed service (presently it is 5 years). The parliamentary panel has recommended this proposal to the government. Most of the companies currently pay the gratuity portion from the companies P&L. If this proposal gets implemented, Life Insurers might see a […]

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Ethika Insurance Broking awarded in the ICICI Udaan event as the top emerging Broker

Ethika Insurance Broking awarded in the ICICI Udaan event as the top emerging Broker

Ethika Insurance Broking awarded in the ICICI Udaan event as the top emerging broker. We like to thank ICICILombard for acknowledging us. Our focus on the happiness of our clients, employees and our partner drives us to success.

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vector image of 2 people talking -Difference between insurance agent and insurance broker

Insurance Broker Vs Insurance Agent

I was traveling to Vizag by train. During journey the person beside me seemed very knowledgeable. We immediately became friends. During our conversation, he asked me, what I do for a living. I said, “I am an insurance broker”. His attitude toward me immediately changed. He hardly spoke to me later. “What happened ?”, I […]

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vector image of group of people - UNLOCK 1.0


I am sure every reader of this blog can relate himself/herself to one of the below situations. Finally, the day arrived when we decided to live with it rather than choosing death for those who are unable to continue their source of livelihood due to lockdown. Lucky are the ones who are yet having the […]

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