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“A stitch in time saves nine” is a most popular idiom which aptly matches to “Now insurance for health saves your wealth”. It has been paradoxical thinking that health insurance must be taken only for old people but the fact is Health Insurance should be taken in teens. It’s been thought that health insurance an expenditure but with continuous changes in the environment and economy, healthy living has become luxury and health insurance has become a major rescue. Here are four major reasons why this is the right time for health insurance:

Personal Health Insurance : How to make it Affordable?

With growing lifestyle health risks, pandemic threats and inflation in medical treatment costs, the importance of having a comprehensive insurance coverage has become paramount. The health insurance premium is the amount paid by a policyholder to the health insurance provider to avail medical coverage and the benefits associated with a health insurance policy. People have […]

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6 Steps to Reduce Health Insurance Premium Cost of your Company

Cost-cutting is a hard reality, especially in the post-pandemic era. As an employer, you want to do what is best for your employees while not losing sight of your company’s long-term goals. For your company to run smoothly and have a sustainable future, you must look at all possible ways to reduce your costs. Your […]

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Gift Your Spouse “Health Insurance” this Karwachauth

I walked into my bedroom, after my dinner and a stroll. It is already past 8 PM. My wife, Sharada (Saru, as I lovingly call her) also would have retired by now. As I entered, I saw my Saru standing at the fully open French window, gazing at the moon, with wide-open arms, as if […]

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How Should Start-ups get Group Health Insurance?

This is the most frequently asked question by Start-up Owners. Though it is not mandatory to offer a Group Health Insurance to the Employees for white-collar Employees, the organizations provide this as a benefit to the Employees as every other organization is doing so. Employees expect to get Health Insurance benefits from the Employer, as […]

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Why is Health Insurance Important?

The current pandemic has made the universe realize the fact that medical exigencies are unpredictable and can cause a financial cataclysm to handle. Treatment in a Private Hospital can derail your finances and it becomes more difficult if the bread earner of the home suffers from any diagnosis. Therefore, having a Health Insurance for the […]

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Health Claims – A Perspective

Health is Wealth. This is a saying which every one of us will agree and vouch for. However, it an unwelcome situation where the hard-earned wealth has to be spent to regain the health which got deteriorated for some reason or the other. It is from this concept that the ideology of Health insurance cropped […]

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What are the TIPS to choose the best Health Insurance ?

Deciding which one to buy from a vast number of health insurance policies in India is like running towards an endless route. Finally, we land into a lot of confusion and end up buying without knowing the critical things or we may postpone completely. To make it easier and help you, we have listed down […]

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What is Health Insurance?

Health Insurance is a product offered by General & Health Insurance Companies which covers the medical expenses of an Individual. You can avail of the Health Insurance Benefits via cashless & Reimbursement mode. If you are visiting the Insurance company network hospitals you have a cashless facility wherein you don’t have pay for the treatment […]

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image of doctor - Pre-existing diseases in health insurance

Have you noticed this condition in your Health Insurance policy?

This condition decides to payability in the majority of the claims. All you need to know about Pre-existing diseases in Health Insurance. Pre-existing diseases are the medical conditions that the policyholder is already suffering from the diseases before purchasing a health insurance policy. As per the definition of IRDAI any condition, ailment, injury, or disease […]

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