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A Phone is a Risk

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Phone is not just a phone but it’s a summary of our digital life. It’s a mini wallet, virtual bank, locker of our shopping account, a secret diary with valuable contacts and messages, window to our email, an album of beautiful moments captured. In a nutshell to say it is a gateway to our personal and professional life.

Imagine if the phone is lost what will be the first thought? OMG ! the phone was off so and so thousand rupees, is lost? If that is your thought, then I would say think again.

The one who is having your phone is having access to the following:

  • Pictures of you and your family’s beautiful and rare moments not only lost forever but which could be morphed, published or used for any other malicious act.
  • Contact details of your family, relatives, clients and other VIP networks you have collected over a span of time is in stranger’s hand to be misused.
  • Your email is as good as a message with your signature, which is a storehouse of your business secrets. What if this email is used to send inappropriate content, to invite someone to meet or to share your business information?
  • Your Banking and money transfer apps which is like a virtual bank from where you make payments to virtual shopping and financial accounts.
  • Your social media (FB, What App, Twitter, etc.). Imagine if someone publishes your extremely personal message from your messenger or your extremely personal picture on social media.

The above list is not exhaustive but inclusive. There can be much more harm.

With a fussy busy lifestyle, increasing thefts, the growing rate of misplacement it’s not practical to imagine that the phone we are holding today will always be there. So, what about digital life it carries? Can we afford to lose it or an intruder in it? Surely not. There are tools and ways to mitigate this risk. Here is what to do if the phone is lost

Lock, locate, Copy and Wipe your phone:

Download the app compatible with your device. Based on brand or operative system installed select the app which protects your device and helps you locate your device.

Say Lookout app or enabling Android device manager for Android, for iPhones and iPads set up an iCloud account and download the app “Find My iPhone” from the app store. Set up the Blackberry Protect App for BlackBerry phones. For windows, phone use “Find My Phone” web-based option from www.windowsphone.com

Remember it’s good to back up the device at the time when the app is first installed and set intervals for automatic back up whenever you connect wifi.

These apps carry different features like-

  • If you suspect your phone to be lost at a specific place say hotel you are staying or pantry of your workplace, then you can use this app to locate your phone’s current location and buzz a powerful alarm. This feature of tracking phone serves as a great rescue measure of women and child safety also.
  • Not only this it also enables a custom message display on the screen of the phone. Which helps honest holders of the phone to contact the number displayed on the phone and return. This feature is also great rescue during medical emergencies to contact emergency contact of owner of phone.
  • This app will take back up of all pictures, contacts, and other important messages you want to take and save it on the cloud. Which you can access from anywhere. This saves your time of connecting device to copy on a hard drive each time and mitigate the risk of losing hard drive.
  • It copies and stores all contacts not only when you are having your phone in hand but also in case there are new numbers added from last back up this app also restores the contacts from lost phone with call history with the help of remote login.
  • Not only this apps also facilitate to remotely lock the handset, change the password or delete all data from it.
  • Apps also disable access to all your other apps, the mobile payment method you have set up. Hence safeguard your social image and your mobile wallet.

All you need to do is when your phone is lost login from any device remotely using your details provided at the time of installation and execute the function you want to be executed.

Report the loss:

Notifying the loss of phone is important to handle any liability arises due to misuse of your phone. Not only this but its also required for a credit freeze.

So whom to notify, few metro cities and states provide the facility to file FIR online for the lost or stolen phone. But what if you are in a city where the online filing of FIR not available? Then it must be the personal filing of FIR. The other better alternative is if your phone is insured then inform about the loss to the insurance company. Remember to inform through email so that date & time of theft is recorded by means of an email sent.

Attach a note to phone:

If the installed app does not provide the feature of the custom message then insert a note bold and visible on the wall screen of your Phone with your name and work number or an alternate number of an emergency contact.

Alternatively, you can tape a tiny note on the back of your phone. On Android phones, you can also type such a message in the Owner Info section of the Security sub-menu in Settings.

Keep Yourself Updated, Stay Happy! Every Risk Can Be Managed by Knowledge!

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