When it comes to Premium, the Indian market is very competitive compared to the world market and is driven more by prior year premium rather than claims experience. As a result, organizations/employers have a good ride, as they can pass the risk to insurance companies and enjoy a great range
In twitter, employees are served 3 catered meals per day, in office acupuncture, as well as improve classes. Google is quite popular for offering its employees lunch made by chefs, yoga classes, haircuts, and twice a week chair massage! Well, you are thinking what I am hinting at! Employee happiness-
In the Indian scenario, only 50% of the employers include parents of the employees while covering them under Group Insurance. Out of these 50% employers who include parents, 25% of them collect premium from employees and act only as a facilitator by arranging group policy. Only 25% of employers bear
Structuring a group health insurance plan for the employees needs a lot of groundwork. As any HR manager dealing with the subject quickly discovers, there is no template for designing or running the perfect employee health insurance plan. Each workplace will demand different solutions, and so-called best practices aren’t always
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Determining the Sum Insured for Property Insurance It is vital to understand the operation of an insurance contract in order to look into the aspect of determining the sum insured under the policy. A contract of insurance is defined as “a contract where by one party, called the Insurer, in

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