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As Risk Advisors, Ethika creates Plan B for your Business so that you focus on the Business Opportunities, while we focus on managing the your Risk.

At Ethika, we understand that Insurance Broking is about ensuring the best interests of our customers and establishing trust. Our team has diverse experience and strong expertise which enables us to understand your business needs and risks well. Our experts are highly innovative and they deploy the latest technology tools which brings Speed, Effectiveness and Utmost Responsiveness to your doorstep.

We offer wide range of products from B2B to B2C, hence we can create customized and comprehensive products for you. We do this by gap analysis and by comprehensive policy design that covers all your custom needs. We aggressively negotiate competitive terms with insurers. This is followed up by policy scrutiny, renewals and claims assistance. Working with leading insurers, our fees are built into the policy premium, and regulated by the IRDA.

Ethika with its corporate office in Hyderabad, has a pan-India reach. Ethika’s innovative risk management solutions and sound knowledge of global and local markets ensures that your business reaches new highs!


As an answer to the thought provoking question, “What Risk Do You Take?”, Ethika was born with the intent of service and caring. It began when Ethika CEO, Susheel Agarwal, having worked for several years with leading insurance companies started to feel that he was not offering the services or products that his clients needed. Instead he was simply pushing the products his company wanted to sell. Clients soon found out that the products they bought were not right and did not cover their needs. Naturally, in the long run, no client of his remembered him.

Insurance Broking, Susheel found was a much better alternative. As a concept, it was what he wanted; to listen to his clients’ requirements, analyse their needs and give his opinion and suggestions. The shift to broking enabled Susheel to interact better with his clients, agree upon products and services and the risk cover requirement. He could then meet with various insurers to put together a custom insurance cover for his client without altering any of their requirements.

Building long term relationships with happy clients meant growth for Susheel as well. But the vicious circle of the corporate sector and the restrictions of being an employee still held him down. In Susheel’s own words, his ‘wheel of life was not balanced’, and it was time to strike out with the founding of Ethika.

Ethika Insurance Broking Pvt. Ltd. with ethics is foundation of any relationship was thus born. Susheel hand-picked his dedicated team choosing individuals who were in search of overall development in their lives. As their mentor, he gives them a free hand at work as a sure way to ensure the company’s growth. Susheel also encourages his team to read more, play sports and be fit. He delights in having home cooked meals specially made for the team to share together.

On the back of client support and recognition of our commitment, Ethika is looking in the long run to come out with new products to minimize risk, while also expanding its service offices to Bengaluru and Mumbai.

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